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... little BJD-Family ^____^

★★★ Mana ★★★
[LUTS SDF HARMONY] => At Home since 10.07.2009
★★★ Lucid ★★★
[Dream of Doll DOT Homme Ducan] => At Home since 31.07.2009
★★★ Shingo ★★★
[Dream of Doll DOT Sha] => At Home since 05.02.2010
★★★ Katsuya ★★★
[Dream of Doll DOT CAMINE] => At Home since 27.04.2010
★★★ Kaori ★★★
[Dream of Doll DOT E-an] => At Home since 02.07.2010
★★★ Kaito ★★★
[Dream of Doll DOT Black Code no.02] => At Home since 30.07.2010
★★★ Toya ★★★
[Dream of Doll DOT Code no.02] => At Home since 14.04.2011
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i have finally done i have ordered my third doll^^
*yeah* ^_______^
payment is also done, now i have to wait a long time...
but i am so happy now, that i do not mind to wait^^
(:icondesertqueen: is optimistic XDDD)

btw, my third doll will be a DOT Sha^^
(now you know it *he he*)

i am sure that he and lucid (my DOT Ducan) will look great together^^
i am very looking forward to make a lot of fotoshootings with them ^___^
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i am really thinking about ordering my 3rd doll XD
and i already know which doll i like next^^
but it's a secret until i definitely will make my order XDDDD
but one thing i will tell will be a boy XD (lucid needs someone to play with XDDDDDD)

i really fell in love with BJDs...
they are sooooooooo cute XD

I WANT MORE...MUCH MORE ^________^
:icondesertqueen: goes crazy XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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Meanwhile my Boy-Doll (DOT Homme Ducan) has also arrived at his new home (since the 31st of July^^) and he is so gorgeous *luv him*^^
And he fits perfectly to my Girl-Doll, they are really so cute together ^____^

I have given them names now.
My Girl-Dolls' name is Mana and my Boy-Dolls' name is Lucid^^
I will upload some pictures of them soon, so you can take a look at my BJDs^^

It really was the right decision to order them.
Many thanks to my dear friend :iconsilent-heart: who has helped me with all the payment-stuff etc. Thank you Sweety ^^
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[friday, 10th July, 00:22 am (in the middle of the night XDDDD), in germany (munich) XDDD]

yeah, today i will get my first doll, i cannot describe how happy i am about it ^____^
my first doll will be my girl-doll i have ordered in june.
it's luts senior delf HARMONY!
here you can see a picture of her:…

i am so looking forward to get my dollie^^
she is waiting for me for 3 days now at the munich custom office, but unfortunately i couldn't fetch her earlier because i had to work ;_____;
it was really a long and hard week for me (to know that my doll has arrived and don't have the possibility to get her at once) ;_____;
but today i can leave my working place earlier, so i will finally get the chance to get my package and my dollie^^
yeah i am really excited and happy ^__________^ *smile*

now i have only to wait for my HOMME DUCAN, but i guess i still have to wait for him a bit longer. (it is funny, because i have ordered HARMONY a bit later dann DUCAN XD).
well, i will be patient and hope that my boy-doll will arrive as soon as possible^^
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NEWS: :icondesertqueen: is "dollicted" XDDDDD

Since the beginning of the year (maybe even a few months before^^) I was getting interessted in Ball Jointed Dolls.
A long time I didn't know if I should order me a BJD, but then I fell in love with a Doll on D.O.D (it's a D.O.T called "Homme Ducan".)
Maybe you will know which Doll I mean^^
On Friday I have ordered this Doll for me and now I am very looking forward to get it^^

I also want to order another Doll for me (this time a Girl-Doll), but it isn't released yet. I still have to wait until next week to get the possibility to order her.

I am so excited and I can't really wait until I recieve my Doll(s) ^____^
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hello everyone^^

i think it's time to introduce myself to you guys^^
okay let's start XD

i am a 27 year (edit: now i am 30 XD) old girl from germany.
my hobby's are watching anime, creating AMV's, creating Anime-Wallpapers, listenig to different kind of Music (it belongs to my current mood) yeah and sometimes i try to draw some anime-pictures, but i am not good enough yet in drawing, i guess i have to put more effort and work on it XD

my biggest interesst belongs to Yugioh, especially to Yami&Yugi, the sweetest shônen-ai pairing of the world^^ and of course to Yami, my favorite Anime-Chara^^.

the main reason for joining deviantart was:
i have seen so much beautiful works on this page and finally i decided to join too, also because a very good friend of mine is a member. It's =>:iconlightangelsky:
she's a fantastic artist, you really have to have a look at her work^^

(sky: *mal für dich werbung mach hier* XD)

okay, that should be enough for the moment^^
greetings to all of you who has found the way to my user-page^^
*huggles* ^_______^